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Location: 3000 East Grand Blvd., Detroit
Date: 2002-present

Detroit techno has a home in Detroit at 3000 East Grand Boulevard. A home built on vinyl sweat and percussive dreams. The newly renovated Submerge operation reopened its doors in 2002. Submerge's three-story music building is in the heart of Detroit's cultural center, a short distance from Berry Gordy's original Motown headquarters.

In 2003, Submerge debuted it's Exhibit: 3000 a museum highlighting the behind the scenes work of Detroit techno. Electronic instruments, rare record pressings, artwork and media are on display, giving visitors a unique look at the solid foundation that keeps this music alive.

Visitors are welcome to view the exhibit and shop in the Somewhere In Detroit store. Appointments must be made during regular business hours. Please contact mailorder@submerge.com

Location: 3000 East Grand Blvd., Detroit
Date: 2000 - 2002

The transition period from 2030 Grand River to 3000 East Grand Blvd. involved getting new faces on board and taking huge risks. The task of converting an old union hall into a multi-purpose management and distribution company took nearly 2 years of persistence and working on an 'inner city budget'. There was no corporate money to fall back on and no professional architects or contractors on the payroll, just family and friends willing to put in some time. The pictures here show just how much needed to be gutted. Also, the electrical, plumbing and heating systems needed repair. Then there was the job of furnishing, lighting and designing the new interior of the facility. Finally, a modern business can't operate without information technology.

In the late 90's, Electrofunk turned Detroit techno on it's ass. Detroit's top hip-hop station, WJLB, re-discovered dance music in the form of ghettotech and the entire dance community took notice. Mr. De' built his own office computers, managed his label and sold a lot of records through Submerge. When the time came to high tech Submerge's internal operations, Ade' Mainor taught Mike Banks how to make the building internet capable.

2030 YEARS
Location: 2030 Grand River, Detroit
Date: 1992-2000

Submerge was headquartered for almost a decade at the infamous 2030 Grand River Ave. address, as the silent hub for Detroit techno. The company has served as a channel for many labels, who have come and gone and taken on new direction over the years. As Submerge's casts of characters has changed and evolved, the spirit has remained strong. With support from many of Detroit's most talented and dedicated producers, label managers, promoters, DJs, computer experts, designers, shipping specialists, writers, booking agents, attorneys and vinyl technicians, Submerge has remained afloat beneath the surface.

In a rare interview from a 1994 article in "A House in Detroit", Banks says, "Submerge was founded out of a need. There were a bunch of small, unorganized labels struggling to survive. None of them had any formal business classes, and for any record label to survive, you have to produce music. Jeff (Mills) and I were signing acts, back when he was here, trying to collect money, bill people, send invoices, and it was cutting into our music. We couldnąt afford a staff. So my idea was to accumulate all these labels. Then have a business educated visible person to be the face of the company - that person was Christa Weatherspoon.

We will remember these early days, as 2030 Grand River has been reduced to rubble.