DJ Dex a.k.a. Nomadico


Underground Resistance DJ and Producer Dex began his musical journey in East Los Angeles. He learned the art of DJing in backyard house parties, small clubs, warehouses and various events in the deserts and mountains around Southern California. Detroit Techno became his calling after years of studying electronic music, fusion, latin funk and technology.

In 2002, Dex journeyed to Detroit and studied techno theory with the Underground Resistance crew. Dex has worked hard in the studio, mixing and editing tracks for UR, Los Hermanos, Orlando Voorn and DJ 3000. His talents behind the turntables have taken him throughout Japan, Europe and South America as a tour DJ and member of UR's Timeline band. In 2004, Dex debuted his first solo release for Motech Records, the "El Camino EP", a record that caught the ears of DJs like Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Suburban Knight, Juan Atkins, Andre Juliani, Dan Curtain and more.

2005 brings the release of his first solo EP for UR, the "Nomadico EP", a remix of "In Da Jungle" by Orlando Voorn and continued production work with Los Hermanos.


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DJ Dex
'Kawak' Los Hermanos Records

DJ Dex
'Elextrixol' Motech Records

Cutting up Ignitor 2

Live in Yokohama, Japan