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Underground Resistance - ISF2 Destruction of Order - CD DVD

Underground Resistance - ISF2 Destruction of Order - CD DVDQuantity in Basket: none
Code: UWE198

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1. Words From Atlantis
2. A Delicate Balance - 039 Infiltrator
3. Predator's Language - 011 Suburban Knight
4. Babylon's Gifts - 051 The Unknown Soldier
5. Mental Fog - 061 Nomadico
6. Multi-Dimensional Drama - 044 The Deacon
7. The Streets - 051 The Unknown Soldier
8. BANG - 065 DJ Digital, Vocals by Mr. Bubble
9. Nasty - 057 DJ S2
10. Post Emancipation Psychosis - 057 DJ S2
11. Angkor Wat - 061 Dex
12. Merchants of Identity (The Marketplace) - DJ 3000
13. Song for the Hmong - 041 Perception & 090
14. The Fugitve from Tibet (Healing) - 039 Infiltrator
15. Chaos & Order - 040 Mad Mike, Vocals by Atlantis
16. Burning Spear - 040 Mad Mike & The Trinity


1. Never-Blak Prezidentz, Produced by Orlando Voorn & Mad Mike
2. Crackzilla- Produced by The Aquanauts; Vocals by Spawn
3. Geiger Counter - 043 Von Floyd
4. k@r3ir (54m4r174n h4x0r) - 064 DJ Skurge
5. Elecrocuter (Throw the Switch)- 064 DJ Skurge
6. Controlled Substance - 041 Perception
7. Fugitive Style (Let Me See Your Technique) - 057 DJ S2
8. Beautiful Boxer - The Illustrator
9. Photo-Synthesis - 011 aka Suburban Knight
10. Codename: Muster - 041 Perception
11. Aquatic Kamikazi - Aquanauts
12. Cargo Cult (Last Days) - 011 Suburban Knight
13. Mindsweeper - 039 The Infiltrator
14. Attack of the Sonic samurai (The Battle Within) - 040 Mad Mike
15. Fuji (The Peace Within) - 044 The Deacon

This is a 2 Cd, 1 DVD package. The CD includes cuts from artists: Suburban Knight, Orlando Voorn, Dj S2,The Unknown Soldier, DJ 3000, Dex, Mad Mike, Chuck Gibson, and more...CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE TRAILER

A very special suprise is, "The Making of the Interstellar Fugitives," DVD which is only available in this ISF2 bundle. It includes interviews with Blak Prezidents, DJ 3000, The Illustrator, DJ Skurge, DJ Digital, The Aquanauts, Atlantis, DJ Dex, Dj S2, The Unknown Soldier, Perception, Von Floyd, Suburban Knight, The Deacon, and Mad Mike.

- Electronic Warfare (Trailer)
- UR Visual Art Team
- Trailers: Jeff Mills "Blue Potential" and Mr De' "A Detroit Story"

DVD Characteristics:
Language: English /Subtitles: French
PAL: All Zones/DVD5/Color
DVD Duration: 80
EDV: 1319

Below is an excerpt from the CD's liner notes.

"For untold years..."

For untold years, music has been a battleground for these forces of chaos and order. Again, the creative mind, the formation of something from a void is an act of tapping into chaos, finding a way to set it free in this world. Yet there has always been pressure from order to define music, to lock it into a framework. There were ancient battles over written music, whether it preserved music’s essence, or like the ancient Chaos, gave it a structure that killed it. The same battle took on a different form with the advent of recorded music. No longer would musical artists be free to play what they felt, there would be increased pressure to perform music the exact same way it was recorded. Jazz musicians and others fought to prevent this, while pop stars willingly gave in and became programmed artists, producing music from order rather than chaos, a theoretical impossibility, much like encouraging a dead person to give birth. Chaos would not remain beyond the new technology, the accessibility of recorded music allowing for marginalized artists to gain fans from places they’d never been, and providing a forum for R1 and Z-gene figures to communicate with others.

But in the 20th Century, Order took hold in numerous areas of life in numerous locations across the planet. Agents of Order had been behind numerous plots, many times using negative chaos to further its own selfish goals. In one infamous example, the order of a nation was disrupted by the chaos of a forced drug trade imposed by agents of Order. When chaos is dictated by order, to increase power over another, then universal forces are out of balance. While Opium was the tool used to destroy one nation (though only momentarily), it inspired another to use Cocaine in its Crack form to destroy its own people. It was during this century that Order gave rise to group of beings known as the Programmers. The function of the Programmers was simple, to eliminate Chaos, to instill their brand of Order on everyone, from Nation 2 Nation. This meant that when race radio was abolished in the US, when the creative chaos of listening to music from all genres became popular, the Programmers went into action, creating radio “formats” designed to establish a new Order, and molding the music industry itself into structures designed to dictate to the masses what was and wasn’t acceptable. There were rebels, those who embraced Chaos even stronger, but Programmer Order worked overtime to suppress those voices. In Detroit, alliances were built between the urban population and chaotic elements from Germany (Kraftwerk), Japan (YMO), other parts of the US (Bus Boys, Prince, Public Enemy), even outer space (Parliament/Funkadelic, Sun Ra). But the Programmers were ready. New forms of chaotic musical expression, inspired by the rebel agents of Chaos was labeled “techno” and faced a defined Order that would forever haunt the Detroit agents. Radio rebels, such as the Wizard (Jeff Mills), and the Electrifying Mojo were forced from the broadcast spectrum by Programmers, fearful of the power of their musical chaos.

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